Our Favourite Wall Sconces

Good designers know how to use wall sconces to add depth and interest to a space. Despite being one of the hardest-working and most important lighting types, wall sconces are too often overlooked or added on as an afterthought. We love to help people put as much thought and care into their selection of wall sconces as they do the other lights in their space because the results can be subtle and spectacular.

Original BTC Hector wall sconces LightForm blog

ABOVE: Original BTC’s new Hector wall sconce is made of bone china

Our lighting collections include hundreds of decorative and architectural wall lights. To help you start navigating some of the options and get excited about wall lights, here’s a round-up of our top picks for decorative wall sconces.

Parachilna’s Aballs-A Sconce

Amy’s Pick

Parachilna Aballs Wall Sconce LightForm blog
ABOVE: Parachilna’s Aballs-A Sconce designed by Jaime Hayón

Timeless, simple, classy, and interesting – this is what Amy adores about Parachilna’s Aballs-A Sconce. Available in a choice of black, white, gold, platinum ceramic, or copper, and featuring a blown opal matte glass diffuser, she’d love to see this luminaire used as a bedside lamp or in a powder room. But, really, it’s a practical choice for just about any space. Its small scale (5.5″ W x 7.1″ D x 11.4″ H, backplate 3.3”) and big, bold look make it so versatile.

Baccarat’s Zenith Noir Wall Lamp

Tim’s Pick

Baccarat Zenith Noir Wall Sconce LightForm blog
ABOVE: Baccarat’s Zenith Noir Wall Lamp designed by Philippe Starck

While Tim isn’t usually a fan of crystal fixtures or chandeliers, he agrees there is something wonderfully magical about the Zenith Noir Wall Lamp. Designed by Philippe Starck, who restyled the traditional Baccarat Zenith collection with his usual talent, these wall sconces feature black crystals for a very gothic, modern look. This wall lamp would look great in a dining room to flank a fireplace or to accent a mirror or painting. Tim is inspired by the drama that this sconce creates when paired with the Zenith Noir Chandelier, as pictured below in this cocktail bar in Tokyo.

Baccarat Zenith Noir Wall Lamp 2 LightForm blog

Measuring in at 37cm H x 31cm L x 42cm W, the Zenith Noir Wall Lamp can be installed with or without the black lampshades and comes with aluminium reflectors. While LED bulbs are not included, they can be used in place of regular candelabra bulbs for greater efficiency and longevity.

Delightfull’s Turner Wall Sconce

Ashley’s Pick

Delightfull Turner Wall Sconce LightForm blog

ABOVE: Delightfull’s Turner wall sconce

When asked what Ashley loves about the Turner wall sconce, her response is simple: “What’s not to love!” Inspired by Tina Turner’s iconic dance moves, the rotating arcs of this light add a sassy yet sophisticated mid-century design twist to any wall. Ashley loves how it can be hung in an entryway, study, or space that’s lacking pizazz. As she puts it, “It’s a conversation piece and show-stopper, just like Tina!” Crafted with a gold-plated brass body and shade made of white lacquered matte aluminium, this sconce is perfectly proportioned (again, just like Tina) at 95cm H x 30cm W x 32cm L.

Roll & Hill’s Fiddlehead Sconce

Samantha & Alex H.’s Pick

Roll and Hill Fiddlehead Sconce LightForm blog
ABOVE: Roll & Hill‘s Fiddlehead Sconce designed by Jason Miller

Jason Miller‘s Fiddlehead derives its name from sprouting ferns. One end of Fiddlehead’s long, furling arm gently balances a hand-blown glass globe, while the other uses the wall or ceiling as a counterbalance. Alex H. loves the contrast of the oblong glass and the metal finish, which provides an organic feel to the fixture. She also likes how the transparency adds a sense of lightness to any room, making this fixture an ideal choice as a bedside lamp or flanking a fireplace. Samantha, on the other hand, loves the fixture’s large scale and simple, clean lines and how the strong architectural feel of the light is softened by the natural wood elements. If she could hang Fiddlehead anywhere, it would be along a corridor or used to fill a large blank wall like a piece of artwork. Available in four finishes (blackened steel, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed brass, and polished nickel), Fiddlehead measures 27cm H x 25cm W x 28cm D. Other than clear glass (Alex H.’s favourite), the hand-blown globe is also available in a moody smoke or soothing cream. While LED bulbs are not included, they can be used as an alternative for greater efficiency and longevity.

FontanaArte’s Galerie Wall Sconce

Alex G.’s Pick

FontanaArte Galerie Wall Sconce LightForm blog
ABOVE: FontanaArte‘s Galerie designed by Federico Peri

Alex G.’s top pick is the Galerie wall sconce because of its soft, natural colours and contrasting materials, mixing a touch of industrial with the fine and fancy. Made with a combination of leather, metal, marble, and four layers of hand-blown glass in different colours, Galerie reads as white when turned off, then turns a beautiful amber once lit for a rich and balanced look. The leather strap also allows the fixture to be hung in different positions on the structure, which makes it a versatile choice for any room. If it were up to Alex G., she would install this sconce in a living room or bedroom for added interest and illumination. Galerie measures 13cm W x 33.5cm H, is available in a brushed warm grey/marble finish, uses an 8W LED lighting source, and pairs beautifully with the matching floor version.

FontanaArte’s Io Wall Sconces

Ben’s Pick

FontanaArte Io Wall Sconce LightForm blog
ABOVE: FontanaArte’s Io designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Ever a proponent of sconces that cast a soft, diffused light, Ben favours FontanaArte’s Io for its ability to reflect light off a wall. He’s also a self-admitted admirer of lights that engage with the occupant, which Io does best. It comes equipped with a dual rotating axis and a diffuser that moves up and down, allowing the user to adjust the light beams to suit their preference for illumination. Ben also likes how the small aluminium curved lunar disc appears almost suspended – very close to the wall, but never close enough to touch it, which creates a gentle skimming effect of light. If it were up to him, Ben would install Io as a bedside lamp or along a corridor in an office. Available in a matte finish in graphite grey, red, white, and blue, the inside of Io is always white to reflect as much light as possible. It measures 10.5cm W x 10.5cm D x 16.5cm H and uses two 4.5W LED bulbs for maximum efficiency.

Roll & Hill’s Stella Wall Sconces

Alex S.’ Pick

Roll and Hill Stella Wall Sconce LightForm blog
ABOVE: Roll & Hill’s Stella Triangle and Hexagon designed by Rosie Li

Besides the simple fact that Roll & Hill is Alex S.’s favourite manufacturer, she is smitten with the geometric look of these Stella wall sconces. With their large scale, unique design, and mix of materials (mirrored glass, brass, steel, and wood), they are like pieces of art, offering a futurist appeal with hints of retro flare. Alex S. particularly likes how you can’t see the LED light source when lit or unlit, and how the mirrored glass makes the illumination appear endless. She could see these flanking a fireplace or in a dimly lit, trendy restaurant or bar. Available in two shapes/sizes (Triangle: 50cm H x 43cm W x 17cm D; Hexagon: 87cm H x 41cm W x 20cm D), these sconces can be mixed or matched together.

Terzani’s Doodle Wall Light

Iman’s Pick

Terzani Doodle Wall Lamp LightForm blog
ABOVE: Terzani‘s Doodle Wall designed by Simone Micheli

Seemingly elementary in its design, but unique in that every piece is handmade, Iman loves how the bulb of Terzani’s Doodle is positional so that the user can customize the shadows that it creates. And, for Iman, the magic is in the shadow, making the fixture appear larger once lit, as the resulting shadows expand its effect and impact. Iman can envision this fixture being used to light darker spaces (like cafés, restaurants, bars, or live music venues) where shadows are more defined and can intertwine with adjacent fixtures to create a wall of artful lines. Doodle is constructed out of brass and available in nickel, black amethyst, gold, and copper finishes. Measuring in at 30cm W x 25cm H, Doodle is extraordinary on its own, but wonderfully whimsical when grouped in pairs. It also uses an LED light source for longer-lasting brilliance.

Terzani’s Antinea Wall Sconces

Chitra’s pick

Terzani Antinea Wall Light LightForm blog
ABOVE: Terzani’s Antinea Wall designed by Jean-François Crochet

Chitra is smitten with the design of Terzani’s Antinea Wall and how it mimics the look of classic luminaires from days gone by. The expanding currents of metal are balanced with a crescent-shaped hand-blown amber glass, which sits atop the open helix like a glowing nest of illumination, providing a sense of motion and lightness, despite its substantial construction. Chitra can envision Antinea in movie sets, galleries, hotels, restaurants, and convention centres as a purely decorative wall lamp. It comes available in two sizes (large: 30cm W x 70cm H; small: 25 cm W x 56 cm H) with the choice of two classic finishes: sanded grey white and rust amber.

Innermost’s Cobra Wall Light

Hadley’s Pick

Innermost Cobra Wall Light LightForm blog

ABOVE: Innermost‘s Cobra wall sconce

Cobra is a wall-mounted LED task light with a natural leather-covered, fully adjustable, flexible stem. Hadley loves this light for its clean and simple design, touch-activated switch, and handy USB charging socket, which is compatible with the latest generation smartphones and tablets. If Hadley had his choice, he would install these wall lights next to a headboard to act as a quirky reading lamp or in a workspace for a fun twist. Constructed out of steel and aluminium and wrapped in white or brown leather, both lights offer a pop of colour with a gold anodized inner hood surrounding the LED bulb. Every light has the possibility of malfunctioning or breaking during it’s life, and there may be quick ways in which to resolve this. If a problem arises from the aluminium metal for example, you may want to replace it with this round tubes (aluminiumwarehouse.co.uk/aluminium/round-tube), or maybe even some sheets that can be found at somewhere similar to Aluminium Warehouse. Hopefully this won’t happen though and these lights will have a long and well-working life. When fully extended, Cobra measures a full 90cm from the top of the switch box to the end of the hood.

Koncept’s Gravy LED Wall Sconces

Carolyn’s Pick

Koncept Gravy LED Wall Sconce 2 LightForm blog
ABOVE: Koncept‘s Gravy LED Wall Sconce designed by Kenneth & Edmund Ng
BELOW: Versatile finish options for the Gravy LED
Koncept Gravy LED Wall Sconce LightForm blog

With a simple circular silhouette and an understated design, Carolyn loves how Koncept’s Gravy led wall Sconce fits any interior – “a piece of understated design that blends elegantly into any space.” It’s versatile too since the cord-free joint design incorporates a 360-degree swivelling motion and 120-degree tilting motion, allowing it to be manipulated or controlled in many ways – as an ambient light, task light, or whatever else you desire. Available in a plethora of finishes (15 in total, including a wide selection of finishes, like felt fabric, chrome, wood veneers, and other painted finishes), Carolyn is partial to the white oak. She can envision this wall sconce being used alongside a staircase in a residential home, lining the hallways of hotels, or as a bedside reading light.

Cantellani & Smith’s Lederam WP1

Richard’s Pick

Catellani and Smith Lederam WP1 LED Wall Sconce LightForm blog

ABOVE: Catellani & Smith’s exquisite Lederam Wall Sconce

Richard loves the Lederam WP1 for its jewelry-like appeal (much like all Catellani & Smith pieces). He especially appreciates how the finish of the matte white disc with the gold leaf interior of the sconce allows the line voltage LED to emit just the right colour of light when used in residential settings. It’s also wonderfully non-symmetrical, which adds great interest, sophistication, and playfulness to any room. Although the option of a right and left version is available when symmetry is essential. Consisting of a metal rod and base and an aluminum disc with a nickel joint, the Lederam WP1 wall lamp is available in different combinations of colours and finishes: black disc/copper rod, black disc/satin rod, gold disc/black rod, copper disc/black rod, white disc/gold rod, white disc/satin rod, and chrome disc/satin rod – practically every combination imaginable to suit any space.

Marset’s Scotch Club Wall Sconces

Stefanie’s Pick

Marset Scotch Club Wall Sconce LightForm blog
ABOVE: Marset’s Scotch Club Wall Sconce designed by Mashallah & Xavier Mañosa

Stefanie loves Marset’s Scotch Club wall sconce for its modern take on decorative wall plates – an elevation of an antiquated design aesthetic. The warmth of the fixture’s ceramics contrasted with the faceted edges of the sphere make it seem as if the light is playfully winking. Made using a meticulous, traditional design process, the lamps are fired four times using glazes specifically developed for this collection and mix rich jewel toned colours with high-quality metals and terracotta. You can watch how it’s made here.

Available in white, blue, terracotta, or black ceramic, with gold or white enamel interiors, Scotch Club incorporates a lacquered metal reflector inside the canopy, allowing multiple reflections to dance on surrounding wall surfaces. With two sizes to choose from (large: 15.75” W x 5.79” D x 7.17” backplate; small: 11.81” W x 3.93” D x 5.79” backplate), these sconces look stunning in pairs or mismatched in a random formation, like decorative wall plates. While LED bulbs are not included, they can be used as an alternative lighting source.

Roll & Hill’s Kazimir Wall Sconces

Cheryl’s Pick

Roll and Hill Kazimir Wall Sconce LightForm blog
ABOVE: Roll & Hill‘s Kazimir Wall Sconce designed by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Cheryl has a fondness for Roll & Hill’s Kazimir Wall Sconce because of its sheer beauty, especially its mix of bold shapes and soft colours. The designers, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, say they were inspired by the abstract geometric art of Russian painter Kazimir Malevich, whose work Cheryl admires. She considers this sconce Kazimir on vacation in Miami. If Cheryl were to build a seaside restaurant or lounge, she would fill it with Kazimirs (in wall sconce and pendant forms), but it also works in a corridor, serving as both art and source of illumination. Available in two finishes (matte nickel and matte brass), Kazimir measures 24cm H x 34cm W x 4cm D. Beyond its beauty and ideal size, it also provides a nice ambient light that can be dimmed using an efficient LED light source.

Roll & Hill’s Bounce Large Shade – Wall Mount

Stephanie’s Pick

Roll and Hill Bounce Large Shade Wall Mount Light LightForm blog
ABOVE: Roll & Hill’s Bounce Large Shade – Wall Mount designed by Karl Zahn

Stephanie’s top pick is the Bounce Large Shade wall sconce by Roll & Hill because of its play on light – specifically how it’s focused on using reflected light rather than direct light. With its folded aluminium shade and independently positioned LED light source, Bounce is sculptural in nature, which Stephanie appreciates. She also loves the play on positive and negative space and how the dark anodized and wood veneer finishes create a dramatic contrast against the white reflector. With the shade measuring in at 91cm L x 79cm W x 23cm H and the light at just 8cm in diameter by 16cm H, the shades are available in black, bronze, white oak, and ebonized white oak finishes, while the lamp is available black, bronze, polished nickel, and brushed brass. The 8ft suspension chain is also adjustable to suit any space. As for where Stephanie can envision this light being installed, her living room is an obvious first choice, but she can also see it working well in hospitality spaces or blank spaces that require visual impact.

Brand van Egmond’s Night Watch Wall Lamp

Alex L.’s Pick

Brand van Egmond Night Watch Wall Lamp LightForm blog
ABOVE: Brand van Egmond’s Night Watch Wall Lamp designed by William Brand & Annet van Egmond

Alex L. loves the Brand van Egmond’s Night Watch Wall Lamp in the black nickel finish for its ability to take old charm and turn it into “modern bold with a hint of abstract.” Initially created to pay homage to the seventeenth-century painter Rembrandt van Rijn, Night Watch is simple and bare, yet glowing and warm. It reaches back to the early copper chandeliers found in Rembrandt’s paintings, bringing tradition into today’s space. Crafted out of stainless steel and measuring in at 17cm x 31cm x 10cm, Alex can envision this wall sconce looking splendid in a black and white room adorned with rich damask and velvet for a look that’s dramatic, charming, modern, and bold.

Roll & Hill’s Agnes Wall Sconce – 2 Lights

Cindy’s Pick

Roll and Hill Agnes 2 Lights Wall Sconce LightForm blog
ABOVE: Roll & Hill‘s Agnes Sconce – 2 Lights designed by Lindsey Adelman

For Cindy, the elegant design and LED light source are what she loves most about the Agnes Sconce – 2 Lights by Roll & Hill. Designed by Lindsey Adelman and originally conceived as a candelabra, this wall lamp takes its inspiration from the fictional heroine of the same name who used the light in her makeshift workspace during the 1849 California Gold Rush. However, in this version, glowing glass tubes with LED lights replace traditional candles, while articulated joints allow the glass to be arranged in a multitude of ways. Available in four finishes (black, bronze, polished nickel, and brushed brass), Agnes offers the choice of straight-cut or angle-cut glass – the latter being Cindy’s preferred option. Measuring in at 67cm H x 26cm W x 9cm D with a 6” square metal backplate, this sconce would look stunning in a grand hallway, a dramatic dining room, or even above a bedside table.

Foscarini’s Fields Wall Light

Brandon’s Pick

Foscarini Fields Wall Light LightForm blog
ABOVE: Foscarini’s Fields Wall Light designed by Vicente Garcia Jimenez

A fan of cool geometric and modern design, Brandon has his eye on Foscarini’s Fields Wall Light in orange. Designed by Vicente Garcia Jimenez, who was inspired by a striking panoramic view of the earth, this modular wall lamp consists of bands and strips of hues, dimensions and different materials (methacrylate, coated aluminum, and polycarbonate in orange or white) that lie side by side and overlap one another to evoke a clear vision of the La Mancha fields. At 178cm W x 24cm D x 95cm H, Brandon especially loves how this modular light can be combined like abstract art or split up into three separate wall lights for a linear effect.

Flos’ 265 Wall Light

April’s Pick

Flos 265 Wall Light LightForm blog
ABOVE: Flos265 Wall Light designed by Paolo Rizzatto

Simple, functional, and timeless – that’s how April describes her favourite wall sconce, the 265 Wall Light from Flos. She loves how it’s a diverse fixture that works well in residential spaces, but hospitality, commercial, and retail too. In fact, if she had the chance, April would use this LED light in a raw industrial setting or a mid-century space – something boutique and chic. But, as she points out, it’s so versatile that it could adapt to any environment, especially since the lamp head rotates 360-degrees for a customized, clean, direct light. Made out of painted steel in a white or black finish with the reflector support in chrome-plated brass and the counterweight in tapered cast iron, the 265 Wall Light measures 2050mm L x 850mm W with a backplate of 350mm. Purchase Flos’ 265 wall light online.

Cerno’s Sedo Wall Sconces

Kris’ Pick

Cerno Sedo Wall Sconce LightForm blog
ABOVE: Cerno‘s Sedo Sconce designed by Nick Sheridan

Cerno’s Sedo Sconce earns top marks from Kris for its large scale, simple clean lines, and strong architectural feel, which is softened by the warm wood elements that contrast the cool frosted polymer. Measuring in at 14” W x 36” H x 4” D, Kris thinks this sconce is the perfect addition to a corridor or a large blank wall, acting as an indirect LED light source and piece of artwork. Sedo is available in two stunning finishes: walnut or dark stained walnut.

Arturo Alvarez’s Planum Wall Lamp

Priscilla’s Pick

Arturo Alvarez Planum Wall Sconce LightForm blog

Priscilla loves Arturo Alvarez’s Planum Wall Lamp because it allows designers to get creative with different finish colours and sizes for a unique composition. The fixture casts a soft diffused light for a very tranquil feel and, even though it is square in shape, it has an organic aesthetic that makes it highly functional. It’s a piece that evokes emotion and, in some ways, the subtle reliefs in the SIMETECH material resemble the sky or ocean, lending an earthy vibe to any space. In the past, Priscilla has used these sconces in residential projects, but she can also see them working well in commercial applications – like in a practitioner’s waiting room or even a hospitality setting. The Planum Wall Lamp measures 96cm H x 47cm W x 8cm D and comes in five stunning colours (white, grey, beige, yellow, or orange) with an LED light source for greater efficiency and longevity.

Studio Italia’s Pin-Up Wall Sconces

Melinda’s Pick

Studio Italia Design Pin-Up Wall Sconce LightForm blog

Melinda’s top wall sconce pick is Pin-Up from Studio Italia because of its functional design. Not only is it perfectly compact and has a diffuser that can rotate 90 degrees, but the LED light source is dimmable too, which makes it wonderfully versatile, especially when selecting the intensity of light versus shadow. If she had her choice, Melinda would install the copper finish in a stairwell for a functional glow or as a bedside reading lamp. Pin-Up is also available in matte white and chrome and measures 10cm W x 15.5cm H x 8-13.5cm D, depending on the placement of the diffuser.

Cerno’s Calx Wall Lamp

Gillian’s Pick

Cerno Calx Wall Sconce LightForm blog
ABOVE: Cerno‘s Calx Wall Lamp designed by Nick Sheridan

When it comes to the Calx Wall Lamp by Cerno, Gillian is smitten with the details of this fixture – the finishes, angles, and geometric shapes are stunning. It’s a nice example of modern design where the methods and the materials themselves are integral to its very conception, aligning form and function to create a synergy that is evident. With a preference to the oiled walnut and brushed brass finish, Gillian thinks Calx is a versatile choice for any residential or commercial project. But, really, the whole collection and entire line have her smitten and it’s understandable – it’s simply gorgeous! Calx is available in a range of interior finishes, including brushed aluminium, brass, or rose gold, with a choice of walnut and dark stained walnut on the exterior. It measures 8″ W x 9″ H x 4″ D and uses a dimmable LED light source.

Many of these wall sconces are on display in our LightForm showrooms across the country, so stop by and experience our collections in person – you might just fall in love with more than one top pick! Our lighting collections include hundreds of decorative and architectural wall lights, so we encourage you to visit our showrooms to see more.

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