Brooklyn’s collaborative lighting design studio

Roll & Hill collaborates with some of the most exciting independent designers working today to create a collection of beautiful and unique lighting fixtures. Founded in 2010 by Jason Miller, the company is committed to an on-demand production, which allows for each piece to be customized to a client’s needs. We toured the brand’s facility in Brooklyn where parts are assembled by hand, one light at a time.

Although Roll & Hill only recently moved into its new Industry City studio in Brooklyn, they’re already anticipating their next move. That’s not surprising given their rapid growth.

That’s been inspired by Roll & Hill‘s founder – Jason Miller – and his unique ability to partner with a broad array of designers, instead of just having one aesthetic driven by one designer. Roll & Hill has become renowned for taking the artistic ideas of prominent artists and design houses, sometimes as preliminary as a drawing on a napkin, and making it a viable light fixture.

Roll & Hill Jason Miller LightForm Blog

In starting Roll & Hill, Brooklyn designer Jason Miller set out to accomplish one mission: to make lighting that appealed to the American market. 

Although their range of designers and products is diverse, Roll & Hill has managed to create a cohesive brand that is tied together under a single ethos relative to modern contemporary designs using materials that are familiar.

To maintain its commitment to local craftsmanship in a way that can scale to support growing demands, Roll & Hill has developed a finely tuned process that balances efficiency and creativity. The firm is known for its cutting-edge technology, even going so far as develop its own LED strips and bulbs to achieve the precise look, colour, and efficiency needed.

Roll & Hill Maxhedron Suspension LightForm Blog

To balance this level of sophistication with a commitment to local craftsmanship, Roll & Hill spent 18 months finely tuning a distinct made-to-order manufacturing process that gives clients the confidence that even though its product is hand-made, it will still be built on time. With some fixtures requiring upwards of 10,000 components, that process has been instrumental in allowing each builder to focus on hand building each lamp without interruption. It’s also given Roll & Hill the unique ability to customize products to suit specific applications without sacrificing efficiency. Check out the custom chandeliers they made for this popular shopping mall outside Toronto.

Roll & Hill Gridlock Suspension LightForm Blog

Despite its incredibly complex structure, the Philippe Malouin-designed Gridlock suspension lamp from Roll & Hill is assembled entirely by hand.

The result is a workspace that is dynamic and inspiring with lights in various stages of development at any given time. Each builder constructs their lamp from end-to-end – with each piece emerging more like a sculpture versus emerging from an assembly line.

As we watched each builder work on their product: Jamal constructing Gridlock, David carefully building “Max“, and Claire on Antler – you could see how each fixture takes on its personality based on how the individual components come together. It’s like each piece is a very delicate puzzle.

Roll & Hill Maxhedron production LightForm Blog

With so much craftsmanship that goes into each piece, Roll & Hill has had to be equally meticulous when it comes to shipping practices – including the design of new packaging program supported by a shipping team that will build and pack boxes to specification. It’s an art in-and-of-itself to ensure that the client receives a light precisely as intended. It’s not just about protecting it; it’s about being able to unwrap it, and not lose parts.

Roll & Hill light production LightForm Blog

Roll & Hill’s luminaires are all handmade, but not in a way where one person does one specific part and then passes it on to the next. Rather, one person builds it from beginning to end. That person also helps develop the packaging for the piece too. Now that’s small scale approach.

Roll & Hill Esper Suspension and Krane Wall LightForm Blog

The Esper (left) and Krane (right) collections both offer a clean and modern look that complements residential interiors, such as the one replicated in this Roll & Hill showroom setting.

Roll & Hill Halo Suspension LightForm Blog

Paul Loebach‘s Halo fixtures are among the brand’s bestsellers.

Roll & Hill Agnes Suspension Kazimir Suspension LightForm Blog

The 4000-sq ft. Roll & Hill showroom spans three floors – each with a unique feel defined by furniture and accessories that complement the various lighting designs.

What Roll & Hill embodies perfectly is the essence of the new Brooklyn. Where it’s still neighbourhood-driven, still artisanal in its focus on the making and delivering stuff of unique quality. But it’s not just the where one guy is at his home studio making one light every three years; it’s a sophistication operation that can deliver the goods to a demanding marketplace as well.

If you’re looking for more information about the stunning products from this New York-based brand, feel free to connect with us, browse our website, or visit one of our showrooms to find out how Roll & Hill can transform your next project!