Table lamp (noun): A small lamp designed to stand on a table.

Don’t be fooled by this simple definition; the table lamp (and its counterpart, the desk lamp) is one of the more important interior elements you will add to your space. Table and desks lamps are first defined by their use: will you use it to illuminate the pages of your book, to shed light on the task at hand, or to offer a warm glow in the dark of night? Essentially, do you need it to provide task or ambient lighting?

Table lamps are also important design elements, sculptural objects that signify meaning through style, materials, shape, technology, and colour. You can use each of these elements to convey important information about your lifestyle and personality.

Beyond the considerations of form and function, table lamps have a way of gaining a personality and easing themselves into our psyche as little luminary comrades. Table lamps sit on our desks and on our side tables, near our beds, and in the den. They’re present in our work spaces and in our quiet spaces, lighting our books and illuminating our thoughts. Table lamps become familiar objects because of their utility and perpetual proximity. When they’re designed and made well, they become trusty companions for a lifetime, perhaps even several.

Here are some of the table and desk lamps that you’ll find at LightForm. Most of these are available in several sizes, finishes, and colours, so please connect with us to learn more. Better yet, stop by our showrooms to see them in person.

QUICK FACT: What’s the difference between a desk lamp and a table lamp? The two terms are often used interchangeably, but in reality they actually denote a difference in terms of the kind of lighting the lamp provides.

A table lamp is most often used to provide general lighting or ambient lighting. Think general room ambiance and accent lighting. They can be used to illuminate objects on a stand or to turn a dark area into a warm and welcoming space. Table lamps are highly decorative objects, and consequently come in a wide range of styles, sizes, colours, and shapes. Designers love to use table lamps for expressing personal taste and style.

A desk lamp is most often used to provide task lighting (think working at your desk or computer, studying, reading). Typically desk lamps perch atop a desk, but they can also clamp onto the desk sides or a nearby shelf to limit their footprint. They also typically have more moving parts: swiveling shades, movable arms, and extendable structures so you can easily maneuver the light where you need it. Many newer desk lamps also have USB connecting ports to charge portable devices and built-in stands to hold tools or objects. Despite serving a highly functional purpose, desk lamps also come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, colours, and shapes, and designers love choosing a desk lamp that conveys information about lifestyle and personality.

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