7 New Lighting Collections from Original BTC

Original BTC‘s identity places strong significance on quality, detail, and variety. Established by designer Peter Bowles in 1990, the renowned company draws inspiration from Britain’s rich post-industrialization history while simultaneously incorporating modern tastes and trends with innovative approaches. Aiming to create collections that strongly reflect tradition, the Oxford-based brand draws appeal through its use of quality raw materials like bone china produced in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Original BTC pays extra attention to concept and form, then combines old techniques with new technology to produce striking products firmly rooted in a UK design aesthetic.

Here’s a peek at the 7 new lighting collections from Original BTC:

Oxford Double Collection

Original BTC Oxford Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

Original BTC Oxford Table Lamp LightForm Blog

The Oxford Double collection from Original BTC embodies classic beauty with an intriguing twist. Drawing influence from traditional shapes, this collection (named for the company’s Oxford origins) enhances familiar lamp styles with their signature bone china touch. One standout attribute of these accents can be found in the unique bone china layers that replicate conventional lampshades. Enhanced by the gentle glow of the LED light bulb and elevated by an elegant satin brass stem, the rich textural qualities of the bone china surfaces are on full display for all to observe.

These outstanding pieces exude clean and contemporary luxury – coming in a variety of lighting types, including: desk, table, and floor lamps, as well as suspension lights.


Bankers Desk Light

Original BTC Bankers Desk Light LightForm Blog

The Bankers Desk Light delivers timeless sophistication with its striking appearance.

The refined elegance of Original BTC’s new Bankers Desk Light is illustrated in its details. Sticking with the material theme embodied by many of the brand’s other pieces, this retake on the classic lamp features a handmade bone china shade designed with smooth, round edges that provide a soft complement to its sleek polished brass stem. Lustrous arms extend from the lamp stem to add versatility, allowing users to adjust the shade angle depending on needs.

The LED light source has been specifically designed to ensure an even ambient glow, while also providing a concentrated pool of light below – making this stately luminaire ideal for offices, living rooms, and bedrooms.


May Suspension Light

Original BTC May Pendant LightForm Blog

The May suspension light collection from Original BTC demonstrates the variety of the designs that the brand creates with elegant and versatile materials. Taking a unique approach to the use of bone china, these pendants introduce colour to the usually white look – giving the fixtures character with hand-painted clean and straight lines of varying widths.

See how the craftsmen apply the May Pendant’s hand-painted lines in this “making of” video:

Original BTC May Pendant LightForm Blog

“Concentrating colour at the top and bottom of the May maintains the material’s purity when switched on, and brings character and definition when switched off.” – Original BTC founder, Peter Bowles

Available in two colours (blue and orange) and two sizes – small (12.5 cm diameter x 20 cm height) and large (10 cm diameter x 28.5 cm height) – the May suspension lights are designed to impress. In residential settings, these hanging fixtures are great for mixing and matching, or for uniform arrangements in bedrooms and dining rooms alike. They also add a fantastic touch to hospitality projects.


Sopra Wall/Ceiling Lights

Original BTC Sopra Ceiling Light LightForm Blog

Particularly fitting for rooms with low ceilings, the Sopra light provides a sophisticated alternative to larger ceiling lights and pendants. Bringing elegant style to a room without intruding on space, this fixture elevates the humble recessed downlight into a unique decorative feature.

During the manufacturing process, Original BTC ensures that each Sopra fixture meets their rigorous quality standards. Check out this process below:

Original BTC Sopra Ceiling Light LightForm Blog

Whether displayed individually or showcased in a group, the versatile Sopra ceiling light illustrates a wonderful blend of classic and modern styles.

Available in three textural finishes (quilted, ridged, and plain), this lovely collection illustrates luxury through enhancing the translucent aesthetic of bone china – making a dynamic statement in the process.


Fin Collection

Original BTC Fin Table Lamp LightForm Blog

Strong eye-catching textures are one of the main highlights of the Original BTC’s Fin collection. Moulded into brilliant organic shapes, the bone china shades of the Fin accents make a marvelous statement – bringing depth and distinctiveness to whichever environment they reside in.

Original BTC Fin Suspension LightForm Blog

Clustered sets of the Fin suspension light are available in groups of 3, 5, and 7 – each bundle creating dramatic light in residential and hospitality settings alike.

Original BTC Fin Horizontal Suspension LightForm Blog

The Fin suspension fixture is also available with horizontally-textured shades!

The beauty of the Fin design is reflected in a variety of fixture options – including floor and table lamps, wall lights, and suspension lights. Coupled with satin chrome stems (or Original BTC’s trademark cotton braided cable, in the case of the wall light and suspension pieces), the astonishing shades create a minimalist display characterized by immense detail.

Impressive craftsmanship and the use quality materials coincide in the making of every Fin suspension light:



Mini Globe Wall Light

Original BTC Mini Globe Wall Light LightForm Blog

To enhance any setting with classic and contemporary flair, look no further than the Mini Globe Wall Light. Referencing Art Deco cues within its metal fixtures, this neat and compact fixture brings a lovely accent to bathrooms, bedsides, and hallways – completing aesthetics with a very distinctive touch of intrigue.

These hand blown pieces have a very natural beauty, ideal for making enchanting statements that refrain from overshadowing their surroundings. Available in anthracite, clear, and opal glass – in addition to polished brass and chrome finishes – the stylish Mini Globe is both timeless and versatile.


Cooper Wall Light

Original BTC Cooper Wall Light LightForm Blog

“We created the Cooper in response to the requests for the perfect picture light. Our LED technology provides absolute colour accuracy, while the elegant, unobtrusive design ensures the Cooper enhances but does not compete with your finest paintings, photographs, and objets,” explain Original BTC founder Peter Bowles & company director Charlie Bowles.

If you’re looking to create an intimate display, or have a specific piece you wish to highlight in your space, the state-of-the-art Cooper Wall Light provides a fantastic solution. Sleek and streamlined, the Cooper light combines metalworking expertise with brilliant LED engineering. Designed with an equal focus on form and function, the Cooper’s LED diffusers are housed in a beautifully machined polished brass, weathered brass, or polished chrome cases, ensuring a precise, concentrated pool of light where it’s needed most. Available in short and long sizes – at 34.5 and 50 cm respectively.

For more information about the new collections from Original BTC, connect with us or visit any LightForm showroom to view our curated selection of bone china fixtures in-person. To explore other pieces from this fabulous UK brand for your next project, browse our website!