More than meets the eye

NEMO Kepler Suspension - Mobius Strip LightForm Blog

Produced by the most prominent designers in the industry, NEMO‘s lighting collections draw inspiration from a variety of sources. One such example is Arihiro Miyake‘s Kepler suspension lamp – designed with an intriguing shape that commands attention.

NEMO Kepler Suspension Mobius Strip LightForm Blog

Believe it or not, mathematical properties play an integral role in helping Kepler achieve its alluring look. Defined with curves, this contemporary luminaire has an appearance reminiscent of a “Möbius strip” – a seemingly infinite, one-sided surface with a single boundary and no end points, forming what appears to be a multi-dimensional loop.

Miyake’s take on the Möbius strip

Mobius Strip LightForm Blog

Discovered by mathematician August Möbius in 1858, the Möbius strip has sparked countless discussions for over a century. Not only did the breakthrough represent a significant development in the field of topology, but its existence also led to an expansive range of design possibilities.

Mobius Strip Sphere LightForm Blog

With a slight curve, the Möbius strip forms an infinite loop.

NEMO Kepler Suspension Mobius Strip LightForm Blog

The ribbon-like concept can be seen in the way that Miyake’s Kepler collection bends along its edges. The lamp expands its length while still curving in a manner that connects the one-sided surface to itself. Look closely and you’ll notice the illusion of multiple shapes coexisting in a tiered structure. The concept itself isn’t too difficult to grasp, but its application in the form of a lighting fixture is truly breathtaking!

Artful illumination

NEMO Kepler Suspension Mobius Strip LightForm Blog

Available in uplight and downlight configurations, Kepler’s sleek design illuminates in style – bringing a sophisticated feel to all spaces.

Kepler has a captivating look that can completely transform the feel of a room. Combined with today’s LED technology, its luminous twisted shape is an awe-inspiring sight of wonder for all onlookers. Whether placed above a dining table or in a living room, its impact on residential spaces is undeniable.

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