13 Suspension Lights that Offer Direct & Indirect Illumination

Few light sources offer the versatility of suspended up/down fixtures. These are lighting fixtures that offer light sources that project upwards, downwards, sometimes in other, customizable directions simultaneously or in various combinations. They are multi-taskers, offering both ambient and task lighting. The inclusion of LED bulbs provides options for light colour temperatures, along with excellent energy efficiency. As a result, their popularity has soared in recent years.

Thanks to developments in design and production, there have never been so many styles and finishes to chose from to personalize and complement your space. The luminaire examples below present wonderful opportunities to add reflected indirect and direct light to kitchens, living and dining rooms, or home/work offices, and boardrooms.

Aspen S17 Suspension
By Werner Aisslinger for B.lux

The Aspen pendant lights offer both up and down lighting

The Aspen S17 Suspension dimmable direct and diffused light fixture embodies a fusion of innovative materials, forms, and finishes. Its dual opposing cylinders, wrapped in pops of flat colour create a playful tension. With two styles and a variety of finishes, the choices are as numerous as the applications.

Sinatra Suspension
By DelightFull

The Sinatra chandelier has adjustable shades to provide ambient and direct light

Possessing the energy and sophistication of a dynamic world-class city, the Sinatra Suspension light takes its name from the famous Frank who gave us ‘New York, New York’. This mid-century modern chandelier features multiple dimmable, adjustable LED-powered lights with conical shades that can be positioned in any configuration, allowing for extreme lighting versatility. Let it sing as the showstopper in your bedroom, dining room or office.

Yoyo Light Suspension
From Stuff by Andrew Neyer

Andrew Neyer’s Yoyo pendants light both up and down

The Yoyo Light Suspension pendant is characteristic of Andrew Neyer’s production, a product moulded in simplicity, timelessness, and familiarity. Two concave aluminum bowls with a playful cotton chord project a dimmable up/down illumination: the perfect accent for modern and minimalist décor. Embrace your inner child and give this fixture a spin over your dining or work surface!

Anwar T 30 Suspension
By Stephen Burks for Parachilna

The Anwar pendants offer direct down light and cast a beautiful ambient glow

Stephen Burks has dedicated his practice to bridging traditional craft sensibilities, industrial production, and contemporary design aesthetics. His modernist objects, like his Anwar pendant collection, project an air of sophistication while paying homage to the handmade. The fine use of woven electroplated steel and inclusion of up/down LEDs project both ambient and direct lighting. This chandelier would be a lovely accent piece atop a dining room table, or in hospitality settings in a grand cluster.

Sky Bang Suspension Chandelier
From Stickbulb

Stickbulb’s Skybang chandelier has LED ‘sticks’ that can be positioned up or down

The shape and energy radiating from the Skybang suspended luminaire is reminiscent of exploding fireworks or an orbiting satellite. Its abstract design will grace both casual and formal environments, casting a soft, dimmable ambient light up to the ceiling and down towards the floor. This LED chandelier is sure to command attention when placed over a dining or boardroom table.

Aro T-3541-W 3 Light Linear Suspension
By Jordi Blasi for Estiluz

Aro’s round diffusers can be rotated to provide direct downlight or reflected ambient light

With the Aro linear suspension light, Spanish industrial designer Jordi Blasi has created a highly functional, upscale lighting fixture for Estiluz. The round, adaptable dimmable LED lamps allow for a variety of positions on the linear L-shaped frame, creating an abundance of illuminated effects. The lamps can be mounted all facing up or facing down and then adjusted 106 degrees. This is a refined industrial linear chandelier that works well over kitchen tables, counters, or office desks.

Twiggy Large Suspended Light
By Marc Sadler for Foscarini

Foscarini’s classic Twiggy suspension light illuminates down and up

Marc Saddler began his career specialising as a sporting goods designer, which brought his designs to various markets around the world. More recently, his expert knowledge of materials has touched upon products for the home. The Twiggy collection of luminaires features the elegant fusion of parts that create a whole far greater than its sum. This flexible, dimmable suspension light sits comfortably in numerous types and styles of environments.

Panel Suspension
By Steve Jones for Innermost

The elegant Panel chandelier casts light in upwards and downwards directions

Panel suspension light is one of Steve Jones’ contributions to Innermost’s collection of versatile lighting collections, designed to create positive emotional responses. His commitment to incorporating innovative, high quality materials through elevated production practices leads to luxurious results. The fixture is a combination of forms and finishes, inspired by fine jewellery and the metal cladding on buildings. The feel is contemporary; the look is a stunning dimmable chandelier centrepiece that invites gatherings of people into formal settings. It is available two sizes and a variety of colours.

Ellisse Double Suspension
By Frederico Palazzari for Nemo

Ellisse Double suspension light is ideal when you want both ambient and direct light

Add a touch of contemporary lighting elegance to your home or office with the Ellise Double Suspension light. This LED-powered chandelier projects an energy-efficient diffused up/down illumination. It is available in two different colour temperatures, a variety of finishes, and five different styles. The rings can be positioned into different configurations to allow for maximum flexibility in function and form. Use it to adorn your living room, dining room, kitchen, foyer, boardroom or lobby.

Bluff City Pendant
By Jonah Takagi for Roll & Hill

Bluff City pendants illuminate down and up, making them ideal for living rooms

Inspired by the endurance and elegance of mundane objects, Jonah Takagi began his career designing household furnishings. A stand out in his repertoire is the Bluff City pendant light. Named after a town in Tennessee, it fuses a traditional shade with a wire industrial cage as an encasement for a dimmable globe lamp. This is a fixture that sits comfortably in post-modern or industrial home or commercial environments, and is available in a variety of finishes.

Spigolo Horizontal Suspension
By Studiocharlie for Nemo

The Spigolo pendant has linear extrusions that can be rotated to illuminate in any direction

Armed with the philosophy that objects possess the power to influence everything from our moods to the degree of complication we experience in our lives, Studiocharlie’s designs reassure and empower their clients. Their Spigolo suspended ceiling light is an efficient and effective means of stylishly illuminating task surfaces, such as work desks, kitchen islands or boardroom tables. The fixture comprises tubular aluminum extrusions joined at the corners to form rectilinear shapes that can rotate 360 degrees to allow for direct or indirect lighting. The LED lamps are dimmable and provide a warm colour temperature.

Shio Suspension Light
From Arturo Alvarez

A classic drum shape pendant, the Shio offers a warm direct and ambient light

The natural world is embodied in Arturo Alvarez’s Shio suspension fixture. In particular, oak marine plywood is incorporated as a clean, refined, repetitive vertical slat element for its circular shade, adding warmth to its surroundings. Offering both direct and ambient illumination, this contemporary light is highly adaptable to any environment, be it home, office, or retail application.

ChainDelier Suspension
By Davide Groppi

Decorate your space with ChainDelier’s up/down LED illumination

One of the most eclectic designers in the industry, Davide Groppi creates luminaires that evoke emotion and break technological barriers, believing light to be both a powerful force and material. The ChainDelier suspension light is an elegant fixture that resembles a dangling gold chain necklace, forming a parabola that projects light from its central base point. Its golden finish exudes luxury, and its design allows for maximum versatility in configuration, as links in the chain can be added or removed in any number, and multiple lamps can be projected up or down.

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