B.lux’s new Anvil System & R2 lights

B.Lux Anvil System (complete) LightForm Blog

B.lux has recently launched two new architectural lighting collections that are ideal for commercial settings, residential spaces, and especially retail environments. Sleek, efficient, and versatile, the new Anvil System and R2 are our new go-to lighting collections. Read on to find out why.

Anvil System

B.lux Anvil Spotlight Suspension LightForm Blog

The Anvil System is a highly versatile lighting solution with 7 clear advantages:

  1. Four different mounting methods: choose from recessed, suspended, wall and ceiling surface mounted.
  2. Four finish options: matte white, matte black, natural oak, and shiny aluminium.
  3. Special mounting angles for more flexibility (90, 135, 180 & more)
  4. High lumen output: 150 lm/w for LED Module and Spotlight
  5. Three different mounting levels for spots: 3/4″, 5″, and 11 3/4″
  6. Three types of dimming: 1-10V, DALI, & Push Dim
  7. Covers all three lighting application types: ambient accent, and task
B.lux Anvil Suspension Aluminum (with decorative spheres) LightForm Blog

B.lux’s new opal glass sphere diffusers add a sophisticated decorative element to the Anvil System.

Anvil System is available in recessed, surface-mounted, or suspended versions that allows you to choose the light elements:

  • A continuous LED module with opal diffuser
  • LED modules with two or four spots
  • LED projectors
  • A suspended spotlight
  • A white, opal glass sphere (pictured above)
  • A combination of all five
B.lux Anvil Suspension Oak (with decorative spheres) LightForm Blog

Finish options include matte white, matte black, natural oak and shiny aluminium. The wood profile is combined with matte white metal finish on the inside, bringing warmth to this architectural lighting system. The high-shine, polished aluminium profile offers a luxurious look when combined with the matte black of the metal components.

Watch the video below to see how Anvil System’s elements fit together.

With this lighting system, you can address any number of illumination requirements from a single system. For retail showrooms, use a combination of LED projectors and LED modules of four to illuminate both wall displays and floor displays. Rotate the spots as display locations move.

For offices, use a combination of continuous LED modules with LED projectors on the ends to illuminate work surfaces directly underneath and an additional work area adjacent to the desk.

In a residential space, use LED projectors to illuminate the general living area. In any of these spaces, add in a few decorative spheres or suspended spots to create a more relaxed and intimate environment.


B.lux R2 Suspension Lifestyle LightForm Blog

With a large diameter, R2 is ideal when you need to fill a space with light but only have a single power source. Its elegant profile functions as a sophisticated finishing touch for a space, while its efficient distribution of light provides excellent brightness.

Another design by David Abad, the R2 is an aluminium pendant lamp in the shape of a ring. With a sleek 7cm-high profile, the light source employs LED floodlight modules which deliver uniform illumination. Finish options include white, bronze, or black (all matte), or natural oak. Available in three diameter sizes: 60cm, 90cm, or 120cm. Available with a dimmer, which makes it great for residential settings.

B.lux R2 Suspension LightForm Blog

The weightless shapes of David Abad’s R2 design are a gorgeous highlight.

B.lux’s new architectural collections provide smart, elegant lighting solutions for homes, offices, retail showrooms, and restaurants. You can now purchase these exclusive pieces from the renowned Basque Country lighting manufacturer from LightForm.

Connect with us for more information and for project pricing. Browse our website to discover more of B.lux’s lighting collections.