Tala’s new bulb inspired by nature‘s patterns

Tala Voronoi Cluster Suspension (Lifestyle) LightForm Blog

Tala has built its identity on originality, innovation, and environmental impact. From their London-based studio, the award-winning lighting brand produces wide-ranging collections that explore the overlaps between technology and creativity – with the goal of making a positive difference and mitigating climate change.

All of the brand’s initiatives reflect this environment-focused ethos – from organizational partnerships to the materials selected when producing their unique luminaires. With such a strong emphasis on sustainability and nature, it’s quite fitting that Tala’s new Voronoi collection embodies the unique patterns that strongly influence the world around us.

The Voronoi pattern: Nature’s best-kept secret

Voronoi Pattern (Forest Canopy) LightForm Blog

The way in which light travels through the branches of trees was an inspiration behind the design of the Voronoi collection. The organic forms in this lighting collection stem from the Voronoi pattern found in the forest canopy and throughout nature. Named after 20th century mathematician Georgy Voronoy, this pattern is nature’s ingenious way of tightly packing shapes together while still giving them space to grow.

With their strong and versatile six-sided assortments, hexagons utilize space like no other shape. From the molecular make-up of leaves and insect wings, to dried mud patches, and even the shapes of giraffe fur spots, the presence of this geometric arrangement throughout nature is no coincidence.

Voronoi Pattern (Leaf and Giraffe) LightForm Blog

Look closely and you’ll begin to notice Voronoi patterns in places you’d never expect!

Inspired by this mesmerizing trend, Tala designers set out to create glass bulbs that exhibit the Voronoi pattern. They created a 3D model of the pattern in resin and then smoothed down its edges to simulate natural erosion over time. This process took a year to master.

Tala Voronoi Suspension Collection (Making Of) LightForm Blog

Made from Borosilicate glass, Tala’s Voronoi collection is durable and scratch-resistant.

Using molten Borosilicate glass heated to an extremely high temperature, they deftly shape the bulb into a Voronoi pattern. Once the glass cools and sets, it is tinted with iron in a boiling hot vacuum chamber. The final result is a durable glass bulb that subtly exhibits a familiar organic pattern.

Building with mathematics

Tala Voronoi Blueprints LightForm Blog

After completing the mouth-blown Voronoi bulb shapes, Tala designers then went one step further to enhance the internal traits of the nature-inspired collection. With a single spiral of LED filament inside the glass bulb, Tala pays additional homage to the forest setting by mimicking the Fibonacci sequence seen in pinecones and ferns — and indeed, in many other places in nature.

Tala Voronoi (LED Filament) LightForm Blog

The Fibonacci sequence – a mathematic principal first described back in 200 BC – is a fascinating pattern formed though the continuous addition of ascending numbers and the sums they produce. With the first few equations – starting with 0 + 1 = 1, followed by 1 + 1 = 2, 1 + 2 = 3, 2 + 3 = 5, and then 3 + 5 = 8 – the pattern begins to take shape.

Golden Ratio Fibonacci Sequence LightForm Blog
Golden Ratio Fibonacci Sequence (Rose Petals) LightForm Blog

As the sequence continues, each new sum produces a near 1.6 ratio with the sum that follows it — closely resembling the golden ratio often seen in spiral arrangements in nature such as flower petals, seashells, and even natural catastrophes like hurricanes.

Tala Voronoi I Suspension LightForm Blog

The filament at the centre of the bulb – which interpolates the Fibonacci spiral – is coated with Tala’s signature phosphor mix, carefully calibrated to reduce and control glare. This has been designed entirely with comfort in mind, so users may notice less strain on the eyes, and no annoying flashing spots. It is then inserted by hand, and is kept in place by a small wired structure.

LED technology had enabled us to challenge the form of the light bulb and push the boundaries of mouth-blown glass for the first time. The Voronoi encapsulates the future of LED lighting and embodies the mission we are undertaking at Tala to create exquisite products that have a positive impact.

– Joe Armitage, Tala Design Director

Stylish and versatile

Tala Voronoi III Suspension Cluster LightForm Blog

The flexibility of Voronoi’s design is a standout feature. With meticulously crafted shapes, these large-scale bulbs are more than capable of enhancing their surroundings as stand-alone luminaires. Available in Voronoi II and Voronoi III suspension sets – both produced with three finish options – the versatile collection is perfect for defining spaces with breathtaking shapes.

Tala Voronoi I Suspension Bulb LightForm Blog

If you’re in search of something more subtle, the smaller Voronoi I, II, and III LED bulbs can do the trick. Built to be compatible with most lamps, these lights still bring that desired natural effect without taking too much space.

Like what you see? Find out more about Tala’s nature-inspired designs by browsing our website, contacting us via phone/email, or visiting a LightForm showroom in-person.